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Montelukast the generic pharmacy has a "no question about it" $50 copay. Buy prozac uk online If you are buying generics, most pharmacies will accept you if request the generic, as their policy is to accept generics even if you request for a brand name drug. Pharmacy's are not the only ones that will refuse to accept generics and you should definitely ask for some alternative methods of obtaining the particular brand name drugs you want with the pharmaceutical companies. If you want to purchase the generic you can call your local pharmacy and explain that you are interested in a particular drug while stating the desired expiration date, then ask if the pharmacy would accept generic. If they will tell you that only accept generic, then this could be your best option. To be safe your are not recommended to just buy generics from the street. Always look for a generic store to purchase your products if you are willing to spend a little more money. You will also want to talk your health insurance provider and request that the costs be adjusted or removed, especially if you are younger then and don't have a lot of health issues yet. You should also tell them the brand name drugs you aren't interested in, they can remove these costs and make things more affordable to you and your family. Finally, sentence for drug trafficking in canada ask your doctor if they would be willing to write you a prescription for the generic. If they will, this will ensure you be able to obtain that particular drug if you are not able to obtain the brand name product due to a shortage. It is best to be upfront and honest about what you are searching for and what products you are willing to pay for the brand name generic products at a lower price. What if I can't afford to buy generics? Most health insurance policies will allow you to receive the generic. This isn't case with every plan though, which is why you must go ahead and contact your insurance provider ask if the generic can be added to your plan. Many insurance companies will allow the generic to be added for free. If your insurance will not cover the cost of purchasing generic, don't worry, there are other generic options that can be found for less than half of the cost and they will still be cheaper than the branded ones. You can always contact your pharmacist and ask them to be more knowledgeable about the generics so that they know how to handle the purchase of Generic drugs. What if it isn't available for me after I ask a generic? The first time you seek out the generic for a medication that is not brand name, always try calling the generic pharmacy and explain what the generic is and why you are requesting it for your particular medication. You would often be able to get the generic for your medication even if the retailer doesn't stock it. Most generic pharmacies will accept that you are looking for the generic and will send you an email confirming are looking for that particular product. If the pharmacy will not even sell you the generic product without actually saying the brand name again, then you might want to check with your supplier see if it is a product that on back order or something that does not make it to market for such a long period of time. If you are interested in the generic, then you should always go back in and buy it. If the pharmacy isn't willing to stock generic without you saying the brand name, then pharmacy may not be able to handle the.

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